Courses to become great experts!

Giorgetti is not only a mechanical workshop: we have gathered around our activity a group of people keen on motorcycles who wish to learn to know better the motorcycle world.
How to do to intervene on some parts? To replace others? To modify mechanical or stylistic components autonomously? To reply these questions, we have thought to arrange some courses that anyone can participate in! Course will be held in our workshop and will last some hours.

What the result? The participants are to learn to be familiar with their own motorbike or a few parts of it so that they can become real experts. Courses will focus on some precise subjects and will be kept in the best-able days depending on the work engagements. Some of the questions we will deal with are: Restoring Courses, Maintenance Courses, how to intervene on one’s motorcycle by oneself. The specific course, instead, will be centered on important mechanical components such as on suspensions, on engine, etc.
Here you are the calendar of our courses: choose that more appropriate for you.

After-written you’ll find the meeting schedule. In order to partake, please send an e-mail with you personal data and the kind of course you’ve chosen to the following e-mail address:

Attention: courses are being defined!