Officina Giorgetti

It was in 1979 when Franco Giorgetti decided to start up his first workshop in the historic centre of Pistoia, devoted to the mending of cars as well as motorcycles. Shortly afterwards, he decided to turn from cars: it’s in 1982 when he prepares a Ducati 900 TT1 in order to take part in the Italian TT1 championship. On this motorcycle Giorgetti will develop an exclusive dry clutch system and will be the first to adopt the exhaust pipe under the saddle. Two significant technical particulars if considering the historic times and the limited means the artisan from Pistoia had at his disposal. From then onward Giorgetti produces a number of special parts for racing Ducati motorcycle. Moreover, he creates together with the frame Moretti, from Livorno a TT2 with Ducati engine. In 1990 following the idea of Yamaha 600 he devices the first special Motard and in the same year on the Ducati base he builds a cafè racer completely Italian made. In 1995 he participates in the Italian superbike championship with a racing Ducati 916 driven by Stefano Nerozzi, from Pistoia who obtains considerable placements.

In 1996 Giorgetti takes part in the Sport Production Italian championship with a Ducati 916 driven by Roberto Ruozi from Reggio Emilia who is to win the Italian title.

In 1997 together with the trainer Gianfranco Bursi, from Modena Giorgetti creates a Ducati to participate in the Supertwin Italian championship. Ruozi, who is decidely a most capable racer, is hired so much that he wins the Italian supertwin title.

In 1998 the Pistoiese Franco Giorgetti and Moreno Pescucci, from Firenze will open “Velmotor Pistoia” business that becomes a Honda authorized retailer for Pistoia’s province. It is founded by them, both of whom are veterans in the motorcycle racing world. The participation in the following years in the competition fields will be possible thanks to the commitment of Giorgetti’s son, Filippo who will begin to compete in 2000 using a Honda GP 125. Afterwards he will take part in many competitions such as: Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph e Coppa Italia 600 STK. The many years of competitions in which participates in gives him experience both as driver as well as mechanic. This will enable him to acquire professional background and competence in order to use them daily in his father’s workshop. The work of retailer business is limiting both Filippo as well as his father, so that they both decide to expand their activity. In 2007 the “Velmotor Pistoia” company dissolves its partnership with Pescucci as well as Honda, interrupting its contract with Honda. At this point Giorgetti even decides to transfer his activity in an exclusive zone of Pistoia, resuming his old work specialized on racing motorcycles as well as motorway specials preparation. In the following years Filippo follows drivers in the Enduro Tuscan championship, discovers the discipline of flat track creating a motorcycle on the Honda base for the racer Massimo Bruni, from Florence. He also collaborates with the Top ride team, following Alessio Corradi, winner of many titles in the Supersport Italian championship.

In December 2010 Filippo meets Alberto Fasciani and together come to the decision of making a Flat track motorcycle totally Made in Italy and that comes true! Filippo and his father construct the motorcycle in 25 days totally with the exception of the TM engine. It is exhibited as “Fasciani corsa” at the Pitti exposition in Florence in the exhibition “Fine dirt art collection” deviced by Alberto Narduzzi. That particular event is the changing point of their activity, in which they decide to focus all their energies on producing unique samples by working on epoque as well as modern motorcycles for motorway models and build some of them ex novo for racing motorcycles.

And in 2013 is born the “Giorgetti Motociclette” which is not exclusively a motorcycle but becomes also a lifestyle and gives all the lovers the opportunity to own a unique product.